Getting a Library Card

 Library Card

(As of January 1, 2018)

Family $20
Single / Adult (13+) $15
Senior (65+) Free
Child (12 and under) Free*
Institutional Please ask for a quote
Replacement Card $6
* when a parent has an active Library Card.

What to Bring

When you come to get your Library Card, please bring one piece of government ID with a picture; Your driver's license works great!  If your ID does not have your current address (you're using a passport or you have just moved) please bring a document with your name and correct address like a utility bill or rental aggreement.

Family Membership

We know families come in all shapes and sizes, so for our membership, a family is defined as all persons living at a single address.  Buying a family membership entitles you to ONE library card that all family members are welcome to share.  "But how can we share only one card?!" you ask.  It's simple.  When you purchase your membership, we'll ask you to list the names of everyone you want to be able to access the membership and include them on the account.  That way everyone in your family can check out materials even if they don't have the card with them.  Remember, membership must be renewed each year to remain active. The primary named cardholder is responsible for any fines or losses.

Single / Adult Membership (13+)

A Single / Adult Membership can be purchased by an individual 13 years old or over but under 65 years.  Only the person who is named on the account can use it.  People who wish to be able to share their library card should get a Family Membership. 

Senior Membership (65+)

Free Senior Memberships are available to any residents 65 years or older.  While the membership is free, it still needs to be renewed each year to remain active, and the cardholder is responsible for any fines or losses.

Child Membership

A child 12 years of age or younger may a membership free of charge as long as a parent or guardian has an active library card.  This card also needs to be renewed yearly to remain active. The parent/guardian with a membership is responsible for any fines or losses.

Institutional Membership

An institution is a business, school or organization, usually with multiple users having access to the benefits of a membership. This membership needs to be renewed each year to remain active and the institution’s head (person named on the account) is responsible for fines and losses.