Links for Seniors

The Canadian Seniors Policies and Programs Database
The SPPD is a database of government policies and programs for which seniors are the primary beneficiaries. It was developed and is maintained by federal, provincial and territorial governments.
The official site of Canada's Association for the Fifty-Plus.

Health Canada Online
The place to go if you have questions about health care and healthy living.

One Voice: The Canadian Seniors Network
Established over 10 years ago, One Voice is a national, non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of older Canadians and representing their interests and concerns to decision-makers in government, industry, and the research, policy-making and voluntary sectors.

Safety for Canadian Seniors
Ways for seniors in Canada to protect themselves from crime, scams and accidents.

The Senior Times
An online senior's newspaper published in Montreal, Quebec.

Senior Residences
SENIORESIDENCES.COM is dedicated to providing quick and easy information on retirement residences in Canada and the U.S.A.

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Photo by Erin Anderson