Grab & Go FAQ

Grab & Go Service FAQ

When can I pick up my books?

When you receive an automated notification that your items are ready for pick up, you should call the library and make an appointment for any time during regular library hours.

How do I get my books if you won't open the door?

Please follow Covid-19 protocols when you come to the library door.  Your items will be on a table outside the library’s front door.  A staff member will be available to watch your books and check your ID through the glass door.

Why do you need to check my ID?  Don't you know me?

Many of our circulation staff are familiar with our regular patrons.  However, the person at the front door may be new or from another department.  To protect you and make sure your items don't go home with the wrong person, we ask that you present your library card or a piece of ID so we can be sure. 

What if I'm not the person picking up my books?

We just ask that you let us know who will be picking up your items if it isn't you.  Then we know what name to look for on their ID.

Do I have to return my books together in the bag I received them in?

We ask that you return your items (DVDs and audiobooks too for now) through the exterior bookdrop.  Please do NOT put them in a bag at all to return them.  Items are less likely to be damaged if they are put through the book drop individually.  You may leave a few items in a Pick-a-pack bag when it its returned as long as it fits smoothly through the bookdrop.

I returned my books, why did I get an overdue notice?

Returned items will not be checked in for a minimum of 7 days. You will not be charged late fees or items due during the quarentine period.

I need to renew my library card (or I would like to get a library card). How do I do that without coming into the library?

Just call the library.  Circulation staff will be happy to renew or create a library membership for you.  Contactless payment options are now available.  You will be asked to present your photo ID through the glass door when you come to your next Grab & Go appointment.