How to use TRACpac to find items to request


For instructional video, click here.

  • Go to online.
  • In the upper left-hand corner, under the LIBRARY drop down arrow choose PEACE RIVER MUNICIPAL LIBRARY
  • Under the SEARCH dropdown window, choose Keyword.
  • Click on MORE SEARCH OPTIONS.  Under LIBRARIES scroll down to PEACE RIVER MUNICIPAL LIBRARY and click on it.  In the bottom right corner click on SET SEARCH OPTIONS. 
  • In the KEYWORD SEARCH box type the author, title, or other search term for the item you are looking for. (Examples: Avengers, or Stephen King, or Harry Potter) Then click on the green search button.
  • Check the box AVAILABLE at the top of the left hand column to see only items that are not currently signed out.


***Available Peace River items will appear if you have followed the previous instructions correctly.

               Just in case:

  • Choose the item you are looking for from the options, then click ‘WHERE IS IT’
  • If our library does not appear in the list, you cannot order it at this time.
  • If Peace River Municipal Library appears in the list and is checked ‘in’ you may email or call us to request the item.
  • If an item is checked in and you request it, you still may not get it.  Someone else may request it before you.  This is not a perfect system, but we will do our best to be fair.
  • Thank you for your patience while we figure things out as we go.