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April 7th to May 11th

Carole Gold’s Soul Stories—April 7th to May 11th.

Carole Gold is a textile artist who also happens to love capturing images with her smartphone. Combining these passions is a natural evolution in her work. 

“Photos, cloth, paper and stitch combine to express mystery and beauty. Transferring images to cloth or paper adds texture, depth and tactile appeal, and the use of stitch adds nuance and enhances the narrative of each visual story. This is the way my soul sees the world.” - Carole Gold

May 19th to June 16

 TREX: Farming in the Dust Bowl

Featuring Grande Prairie artist Carol Bromley Meeres, the 19 artworks in Farming in the Dust Bowl explore the histories of the dust bowl in the Canadian prairies. In the 1930s, an intense period of drought swept across the Great Plains of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and parts of the United States. This helped to set the stage for the historical crisis known as the dust bowl—named for the clouds of dust that were so massive they turned the sky black for days, wiped out crops and livestock, swept through homes, and deeply changed the lives of many.